Web conferencing in the MAN-HA project

pomaranczona lza man-ha minWeb conferencing is a system of remote collaboration. Developed service makes visual and voice conferencing possible directly from a web browser. This means that there is no need to have an additional software. Specialist knowledge of used tools is not even required. The only thing the user must have is a browser that supports Flash.

The web conferencing service offers a set of collaboration tools designed to organize audio-visual conferences and remote presentations, drawing together on a virtual whiteboard, chat conversations, recording sessions, and desktop sharing. Typical uses are virtual project meetings, remote presentations and remote teaching. Every conference can be recorded and archived. This allows to return to the content and play it back later.

The service is addressed to the members of the PIONIER.Id federation. To access full functionality of the conference management system, one may log in using the local identity provider’s services. These people have the opportunity to create a session on demand or with the exact date of the meeting. In such a case the conference management system manages dedicated instances of virtual servers which have defined the appropriate limit of RAM and the number of CPUs. People without an account in the PIONIER.Id federation can participate in individual web conferences sessions at the meeting moderator’s invitation.

Web conferencing service in the PIONIER network is based on the BigBlueButton open source tool. Service and management application was prepared by the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center.