About the project

pomaranczona lza man-ha minMAN-HA is a project funded by the EU and implemented by the Polish MAN and HPC units for the benefit of the ICT society (academic, research and development, administration, government institutions, Polish Academy of Sciences institutes, students, and research companies).

The aim of the project is to integrate selected services available in the PIONIER network and develop new services with the following characteristics: increased reliability and security, easy access, support for federated mechanisms, work in the cloud environment.

MAN-HA continues tasks carried out by the PIONIER consortium members in such projects as: PLATON, NewMAN and KMD / KMD2 and activities related to PIONIER CERT and digital libraries.


Thanks to this project, infrastructure of 21 MAN centres will be expanded with new elements: firewalls, servers and produced or purchased software.


The specific objectives of the project:

  1. enabling unified access to the PIONIER network critical services,
  2. establishing the Polish Identity Federation,
  3. increasing safety and reliability of the PIONIER network services,
  4. providing data processing services for digital libraries,
  5. creating a central access point to selected PIONIER network services,
  6. supporting resource reservation on demand (ad-hoc),
  7. integration with the public cloud,
  8. providing access to the cloud relational database,
  9. supporting federated services such as: Polish Bibliographic Database System and Infona.


Acronyms and URLs:

PIONIER - Polish Optical Internet (the largest, fastest and most important scientific network in Poland, connecting 22 MAN units, 5 HPC centres and over 700 universities and scientific institutions: http://pionier.net.pl)

PLATON - Science Service Platform (5 services for society based on the PIONIER network: http://platon.pionier.net.pl)

PLATON campus Services - a cloud service enabling remote access to the virtual machines and applications with graphical user interface (http://cloud.pionier.net.pl)

NewMAN - Expansion of 21 MANs (http://newman.pionier.net.pl)

KMD / KMD2 - National Data Storage (http://kmd.psnc.pl)

HPC - High Performance Computers

PAS - Polish Academy of Sciences

MAN – Metropolitan Area Network

ICT – Information and Communication Technologies

HPC – High Performance Computing

R&D – Research and Development

VPN – Virtual Private Network

VM – Virtual Machine

R&D – Research & Development

EU – European Union