For whom?

pomaranczona lza man-ha minThe MAN-HA Project is implemented by MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks) and HPC (High Performance Computing) units. The results will be available for higher education, R&D and PAS institutes as well as students, business entities that carry out scientific research and the ICT society. The main aim of the project is to give the ICT society an opportunity to use the research results in everyday life. Specific objectives of the MAN-HA project include: the development of services and applications available in urban networks, HPC and the PIONIER network infrastructure.

The technical product developed within the project will be implemented in the PIONIER network for its users. Due to the simplicity of use the results may be used by every digital citizen. One of the ways to achieve the objective is promoting the project results at regional meetings for the PIONIER network clients organized by the MAN units. The emphasis will be placed on gaining new customers who use e.g. the Federated Identity System, the possibility of building critical services and adding a set of applications commonly used at the universities.

The direct use of the project results concerns e.g. application launching (office work packets) and services (relational database). The indirect use of services developed within the project may have an even larger range and it applies to these results of the project which will be integrated with other applications: federation implementation in PSBB, the Federation of Digital Libraries and securing the urban network against attacks from the public network.