pomaranczona lza man-ha minMAN-HA is a project facing the needs of today's users. It offers a wide range of services, fulfilling the basic requirements such as flexibility, ease of use, and most of all the mobility. No matter where you are, your scientific cloud is always available, from any place in the world and with any platform.

Learn more about the services offered by MAN-HA: The scientific cloud.


Office applications and Office 365

A text editor, spreadsheet, presentation software and much more now available remotely thanks to MAN-HA platform.


Computing and graphic applications

Mathematica, Statistica, Matlab, AutoCAD, Adobe package - this and more, now available from your personal computer.


Drive and computer in the cloud

A drive and your remote computer, which can perform tasks and computation, even when your personal device is switched off.


Services for digital libraries

A modern digital repositories, within the framework of PIONIER network environment, where you can find millions of publications.


PIONIER.Id Federated Identity Management

An individual digital passport, allowing the user access to current and future services within the entire scientific community.


Web conferencing in the MAN-HA project

All you need is a simple Internet browser to be able to participate in the shared conversation, with the possibility of archiving and a later replay.